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Writing things

Nov. 25th, 2011 | 01:03 pm
location: Australia, Victoria,Brimbank, Saint Albans

Often, people do all sorts of things to express their feelings. One uncommon tactic used by a number of people is to write a hand written letter, place the letter in the envelope, write the address of whom you were addressing your thoughts to and wait several days before sending the letter.

When it comes to some sort of organization that I am displeased with, I generally apply this tactic. I make a draft, thinking on what I should write to express my anger, or my opinion with a negative vibe to it, then actually hand write it out on an actual piece of paper before placing it in an envelope and wait before I send it off.

During the drafting and writing period, I would have to read my own displeasure several times. This allows me to proof read my work, add or remove some ideas to avoid repeating myself and actually understand what I wrote.

On the day that you write the letter, you generally agree in total of what you wait. So you put it in the envelope, seal it up, write the address but don't send it. The old saying revenge is best served frozen, way past the expiry date. There is a very good explanation for this.

The reason why I wouldn't just place the letter in the mail box with a stamp is due to the fact that during the time that you are angry, you have the tendency of not thinking with a clear head. The other saying is that a thought of anger played out will give you a hundred sorrows. by allowing one time to think on what they wrote, in my case would be several days, one can understand or attempt to understand two sides of one story, or simply look at the fact that is this letter and it's potential consequences worth all the effort?

At the end of the day, what is written on the letter is your anger out on paper. At the end of the day, only you know it's contents. At the end of the day, if the letter is not sent, that generally means that either you have realized the potential consequences of sending the letter or you'll simple wait it out to see if the letter is worth your effort in sending.

One of the most basic skills in a westernized life is to actually doing this method to release anger and stress or thoughts. One written on paper, re-read and sealed up is one the best tactics in looking at any situation without repercussions, or fear that someone else will get hurt in the end.

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Life as an Observer

Nov. 12th, 2011 | 09:47 am
mood: blank

This is my job, so I feel. My job in life. For what else could it be? A hobby? To observe, and not to be seen. It can only really be just another job. I can often pass through a crowd, or pass past one person, and in either case I'd be invisible in all aspects, unless if I get in someone's way so they swerve around.

In a sense, being completely invisible to the human world may not be such a bad thing. You get to see how people feel. You get to understand what people don't see. You get to live in envy.

So it may not be all that great. It's often said that one should experience to truly understand how people feel. However, being who I am, I lack experience, in a large number of social views. Being the way I am, I'll pass through a house like a ghost haunting a mansion. Simply there, but unseen.

And in the rare case that I am seen, visible to the naked eye, I find that it was a simple mistake, like how ghosts catches people's eyes then glance through them as though they were not seen. It was though I simply never existed, or ceased to exist.

This could happen during a group conversation. It's not that I'd be excluded, but I am simply ignored sometimes. The worst case situation is when they asked "you said something?". I'd have to deny that I said anything, simply because the timing would be missed.

Hence why I rarely say anything, unless if I believe my input could add something valuable. That or I just feel like insulting people, because not saying anything while there is an entire conversation happening in front of your face while you say nothing can get quite boring.

I am what they call a conversation ender. Even if what I input could have a potential carry on, it would just end.

So I fall back to being an observer. A job that can't simply be ignored. A job that is simply common place to me. A job that is me. Me. Observer. Observe.

Life that sounds as secluded as mine you'd think I'd be suffering from all sorts of psychological disorders like depression, and from one look at me I'd probably take medication for it.

Though as depressing as that sounds, I am also 100% pessimistic and 10% optimistic. how that makes sense is that I am often pointing out things are impossible to do or possible to do. No real in between. But an extra 10% for optimism is hope. Since hope is often seen as weak and pointless, 10% comes from nothing. It is often seen that if you have time to hope, Then you have time to do something about it, rather than wait for a miracle.

However, hope over rules depression as that means you have something to live for. Something to stick onto. A belief. A faith. A reason not to fall in the slums of despair. Which is why I can still only observe. Because I cling onto 10% of hope that is spawned from nothing, as I am already 100% pessimistic.

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The Balance of the World

Nov. 11th, 2011 | 09:59 am

We've often heard many stories of "End of the World" especially from God Frenzy Lunatics. Every year or so, there are a number of "Holy" Losers saying that the world is going to end on the so on and so forth, without any background proof first other than "I had a vision". The time of visions is way past its era back in the time where visions were plentiful and had actual high accuracy.

These days, the average lunatic can find about 20 die hards to believe them. And those 21 people either have no brain or are just as luny as the one who ordered the doomsday dream with pot, crack and alcohol.

However, the number of stories that have been popping up with the end of the world has increased quite largely. This could be of several factors. First, the story of the Mayan Calendar.

The Mayan Calendar is based on some wheel of time. Time will repeat itself. Each era is particularly marked and that the era today will end some time in 2012. However, what happens is not known to the world. Some say it may be that the world will break on itself and cause world destruction. Others say that nothing will happen, just the fact that an era has changed. There may be some significance of that change like all the planets aligning with the sun at that time, causing a major shift in this solar system's balance in this galaxy, and shift it towards some random doom.

It could simply be that someone discovers remnants of some ancient superior race that is still living as we speak, and hence share their knowledge or break out knowledge.

It could simply be that there is another genius who makes an important discovery that would change the way we live like the ability to figure out how the time and space continuum works. Is it like a never ending weave? Is it something like gas that continuously moves so fast that we perceive it as nothing? If it is like a weave of a pattern, then proper teleportation can be made using worm holes and black holes as a base used for teleportation.

It could simply be a day where the entire world goes in global financial lock down and we live in the dark ages again.

However, with an increase of the number of anomalies over the past century, I can say we will see something soon. Where soon could be within the next 20 years. It could just as easily be within the next year. However, when that time comes, the world will see the shift in balance and react, no matter how long it takes.

But who could say? Maybe the world already sees the shift in balance. Like a fever in a sick person, the only way the body can live is to flush out all the toxins. The world could be doing that now. Maybe it might be too late to solve something we are unaware of.

As a human, we are naive to think everything will go our way. The world is responding. It is throwing out a large number of anomalies to tell us something. Something will happen soon, but what?

And Why?

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Writer's Block: Hand me a tissue, please.

Nov. 10th, 2011 | 11:38 pm

When was the last time you cried?

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Ramblings of an old man

Oct. 23rd, 2011 | 12:26 am
location: Australia, Victoria,Brimbank, Saint Albans

It's been years since I've posted ramblings of an old man. though as old as I am, sometimes my rambles do have some sort of good story behind it. Or it could be retold so that the story could be much greater than it should truly be. Though years as it may be, I still grow old and whither like an old camphor laurel, forever old, yet forever wise.

No matter how long I grow to tell of my ramblings, change hits us like a sudden change of wind from a distant spell. Yes I am aware of what makes the wind move. Not some change of pressure in the atmosphere or other scientific fact as such, but people casting magic left right and centre. It is magic that makes the world go round. Take me for crazy, but I am not blind to see people casting spells, others dispelling those spells being cast. The amount of magic that flows though the world creates what is often known as the "Fosters Effect". This creates anomalies around the world, causing change of temperatures on days where it should be calm and simple. It makes the wind move as it shouldn't.

Fortunately, there is one who tries to right the world and balance it. He is known as Tea Melee, King of Magical System. And other titles too long to label, let alone remember. He often creates a massive anti magic spell on the world, which is often referred to The Bus Spell, often portrayed in such on a small scale in Wierdsister College, but of course on a smaller scale with the help of some machines. It is this Bus Spell which allows the world to stop itself from going into a world of chaos. Though, from my studies, the spell is weakening as more people use ,magic for their selfless ways. One person can't maintain a spell forever, let alone several thousands of years when magic was first introduced in the times where gods whee plentiful.

It will take many more years for the strength of the Bus Magic to be restored to it's high achieving self again, but until then, we can only hope that we get a world without so much chaos.

Ramblings of an old man. Wise as I may be, but I am still rambling.

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Brothers are the biggest source of bad luck

Oct. 22nd, 2011 | 10:57 am
location: Australia, Victoria,Brimbank, Saint Albans

Today, my elder brother told me to reverse the car so he can take mums car to go to taikwando practice. So I get the keys and head off outside to my car. Get in my car, turn the key in the keyhole. See lights pop up on the area where the Lights pop up on startup. But... No starter sound. Annoying as the sound would normally be, there was no starter sound. So the car didn't start. Oddly enough, this is the second time it's happened when my brother wants me to reverse the car. No matter what I did, the car wouldn't start.

We opened the front thing. Tried banging a few objects. It was clear that the problem was a starter fault. It was the exact same issue like last time it happened. The car wouldn't start. It wasn't a battery problem as there were lights on and stuff. Coincidentally, it only happened specifically when he tells me to reverse the car.

So what we did was we had to push the car out to the front and park it in front of the nature strip. It took quite a lot of effort. We even had to have a neighbour who drove by to help us push the car. Oh how that strains the arm/upper chest. I'm not one for over exertion of the body. I'm too weak for that.

So after we did that, we managed to park the car in front of the nature strip. Though in my honest opinion, the car was a bit too far off from the nature strip to be called parking. It felt like it was parked in the middle of the road. Terrible.

Anyhow, we got that parked and we thanked our neighbor for spending some time to help us.

My elder got into mums car and drove off. I went back inside to start rating my noodles. Soggy noodles that have been bloated up tastes very bad, but I ate it all. Fortunately I had some warm soy bean drink to wash it down. Now that is how to end a breakfast.

I was like to myself, I bet because my pathetic luck of a brother is gone, I can get the car started. Picked up my keys, went outside.

Keys in car starter thing. Turned keys.

First go car started.

Talk about poor pathetic luck stealing brother.

I was about to call RACV to see what the problem was. The problem was my car also hates my brother with a passion. I suppose it would sometimes, it is my car after all and it's been trained by me. I do have an affinity with all of my things, even if it is just a car that's never taken a proper bath in years. Talk about pro trolling skills. Go car!

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Peace and silence

Oct. 17th, 2011 | 05:22 pm
location: Australia, Victoria,Brimbank, Saint Albans

At home at the moment. Very easily distracted. However there is one thing home offers that school generally doesn't offer. Peace and silence, not just quiet but actual silence. No background noise, no silent whispering. Actual dead silence, the kind where you could hear a pin drop and say even that is too loud

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Peace and quiet

Oct. 17th, 2011 | 10:31 am
location: Australia, Victoria,Melbourne, Melbourne

SWAT VAC week. The time at which I have an excuse not to stay at home, even if it is just for studying. Usually the room I go into to stay while I study or just browse the net is generally a quiet place. Until a particular group of students comes and makes it a market place. The worst part is , it's always the same set of people. Forever can never keep their mouths shut, no matter how funny the conversation.

So today I decided well if that room gets rather noisy, there is one other place which I hope to keep my peace. At first, the place seemed like a haven. Quiet. So quiet that there is literally someone sleeping on one of the couches.

Then the worst happened. Two of the group that chats like people bartering for something out loud so everyone can hear who got the best of the bargain. Though they seemed relatively quiet. However, with one misfit, there are sure to follow many more. A minute later, the one who always seem to talk the most pops in. Yes it cannot get worse than this. So now the peace is one and all I can hear are two people chatting like there is no tomorrow. Very disruptive and anti productive.

Of course, I can be like that cause when I talk, the world could probably listen in on what I say, however for a place which originally had it's peace maintained should still have it's peace maintained even after many people come in. Respectful for those who are around you. Enter a place of peace, keep it a place of peace, exit a place of peace.

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Writer's Block: What a wonderful word

Oct. 16th, 2011 | 09:02 pm

What is your favorite word, and why?

Ever since I knew the word existed, it has been my dream that one day I could use magic. Whatever form it may be in, just the thought of using magic would be wonderful

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Death By Train

Oct. 10th, 2011 | 06:37 pm
location: Australia, Saint Albans
mood: gloomy

A 15 year old girl died at the scene of a train accident. She probably had her earphones on. Ignoring the boom gates is one thing, not looking both ways before crossing a street is another. Though her death shouldn't be blamed entirely on herself. It should also be blamed on boom gates as there are sometimes situations where a train would pass and the boom gates would stay closed for a good 2 minutes before a train is visible. The infrastructure should be set to replace all boom gates with overhead passes or underground tunnels. This avoids the possibility of people getting hit by trains. It also promotes safety.

How many deaths will it take for the Australian government to see that. How many lives will be lost before they realise that boom gates simply don't work? People will risk getting hit by a train to catch a train simply because the delay between one train and another can be up to half an hour.

If they built an unnecessary overhead pass in Albion station, why don't they change the landscape in Ginifer? Why don't they build an overhead pass in St Albans? It may cost a few million, but a few million is less costly than 1 life. A life is priceless. Once gone it can't be taken back.

Now we are one less of a 15 year old girl who used to roam the world. May The Light Shine On Her for All Her Days And May The Creator's Hand Shelter Her In Sure Hope Of Salvation and Rebirth.

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